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Central to the first year of the Project was the Participants mapping the relevant components of their reporting frameworks and standards against the disclosure principles, recommended disclosures, and illustrative example metrics of the TCFD recommendations.

The mapping highlights the degree of the alignment and linkages that exist between their frameworks and standards and the TCFD. In addition, the mapping shows how the relevant indicators of CDP, GRI and SASB for the TCFD illustrative example metrics align with each other. The results describe how each of the frameworks and standards enables companies to meet the TCFD recommendations.

Section 4.1 provides an overview on the changing nature of risk and the financial implications of ESG factors. The following section presents the results of the mapping against TCFD’s disclosure principles (Section 4.2.2), recommended disclosures (Section 4.2.3) and illustrative example metrics (Section 4.2.4), and explains the analytical approach taken for the mapping (Section 4.2.1). Finally, Section 4.3 describes how TCFD disclosures can be disclosed in the mainstream annual report using the CDSB Framework and/or the International <IR> Framework.